The MyStretchBar team includes management, distribution partners, medical products advisers, physical education educators, instructional designers, martial arts instructors, fitness trainers, coaches, and engineers. Each decision on products is made in consultation with our team to insure that we are bringing you the best personal stretching experience.

John DiMarco, Ph.D.
Founder and Inventor
Managing Partner

Joseph Marino
Managing Partner

Scott Hausner
Sales Manager


Technical Product Advisers

Dr. Raymond Bartolo, D.C. - Doctor of Chiropractic (ret), medical products

Dr. Raymond Cecora, D.PT  - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Instructor Chris Lovarco - MMA, Karate, and Jujitsu

Instructor Danielle Lovarco - Fitness Instructor & yoga

Joseph Deal - Engineering consultant

Jill Deal - Fitness consultant

Vincent Borowski - Manufacturing consultant

Ron Serrano - Physical education, Exercise Science

Kim DiMarco - Educational and instructional consultant

Fitzsimmons Abrams - Accounting